Thank you for volunteering today!  Here is what you need to know.

Cadet behaviorYou are representing the 832 Twillick Air Cadet Squadron and also the Air Cadet League.  We want your top-notch behavior today please.  There are many future cadets who are looking up to you, show them how proud you are to be in uniform and representing our squadron. 
DonationsAll donations need a thank you!  *Donations of 5$ or more: offer the individual a cadet pen *Donations under 5$: offer the individual a paper airplane  
TagsRed and white paper tags (Squadron logo on them) have been given out for years, and some people will ask for one with their donation.  Please give these to anyone who wants one. 
ParentThank you for supporting the 832 Twillick Squadron and the cadet activities.  You are here to ensure the cadet(s) are safe and monitoring their volunteering.  Someone from the 832 Squadron will be collecting the monies at the end of the 3-hour shift.  Please stay at the location until the next cadet arrives with their parent.  If you would like to volunteer in other cadet activities, send an email to:  
Contact #For any questions, issues or if donation supplies are running low, call the Squadron number at 613-419-1832