Participant(s): Open to All Cadets (no sign-up required) 

  1. OPI: Lt Rozon and 2Lt Madore-Gravelle
  2. Date: Sat, 13 May 23 
  3. Time: 0845hrs to approx. 1030hrs
    • 0845-0855hrs: Cadet arrival time on location 
    • 0855-0900hrs: Briefing 
    • 0900-0915hrs: Warm-up 
    • 0915-1010hrs: 5Km fun run 
    • 1010-1030hrs: Cool-down and debriefing 
    • 1030hrs: Departure 
  4. Location:
    • Russell Park & Ride, 1st Ave, Russell, ON K4R 1B3 
    • Please be advised that there are NO FACILITIES on site. 
  5. Dress: Super Hero themed PT gear with outdoor running shoes 
  6. Details:
    • The purpose of this activity is to give you the opportunity to meet requirements of MX04.01; CX04.02; MX05.01 
    • You are encouraged to download “RunKeeper” or another application on your mobile device to track your run. 
  7. Materials:
    • Bring a full water bottle and a snack for after the run. (There is no running water on location). 
    • Ontario health Card in case of emergency. 
    • For those who have anaphylactic allergies; bring your EPIPEN 
  8. Transportation: Personal transportation; cadets must make their own way to the location. Parent’s are recommended to remain on location. (There is no official sign-up for this activity). 
  9. Directions from Rockland 
  1. Directions from Embrun