Sponsoring Committee


Please fill out the forms down below if you are interested in joining 832 Twillick Squadron’s Sponsoring Committee.

Who We Are

The Sponsor Committee of an Air Cadet squadron is a group of civilians working with squadron staff to represent the Air Cadet Movement within the local community, to ensure indispensible local support for squadron needs, to provide support, and to make necessary arrangements for squadron activities.

The committee is comprised of a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. These positions are all by nomination, and are usually changed every two years through elections.

There are also many sub committees that deal with such items as fund raising, coordinating dances, planning annual parade and newletters.

The main responsibilities of the Sponsor Committee are to:

  • publicize the aims of the squadron within the community, while seeking support for those activities;
  • provide the squadron with suitable quarters for administration and training;
  • organize and conduct fund-raising campaigns to ensure necessary funds are available for squadron needs;
  • manage funds raised for squadron benefit;
  • organize the schedule of optional activities, and obtain adequate premises (eg, Annual Inspection, dances);
  • with the support of the Commanding Officer, organize recruiting aimed at enrolling new cadets and new members of the Sponsor Committee and squadron staff;
  • ensure that cadets are evaluated and treated fairly.


Michel CorbeilChair
​Anita Desrochers​​First Vice-Chair
Stephen MasseySecond Vice-Chair
​Sabile TrimTreasurer
 ​Elaine Hamelin-MitchellSecretary
Danielle GagnonDirector
Monique Moore-Coulombe​Director
​Mona RoufferDirector​
John MitchellDirector
David CoulombeDirector